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“Working at Grant Thornton has given me the opportunity to work with and learn from partners and other senior advisors early on in my career. As grads, we are exposed to a variety of significant tasks and given opportunities from day one, and everyone’s opinion is encouraged and respected. This is something that truly makes me feel proud to be a part of the firm.

Grant Thornton a great social aspect as well, whether it’s our Christmas party on the beach or the banter around the office. I also really enjoy working with my team - when you’re surrounded by your teammates working together on a certain case, sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re at work. That’s definitely a work-related highlight, working with my mates trying to solve a problem.”



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“I’ve been with Grant Thornton since my internship and have been able to thrive both at work and outside due to the support of not only my team, but everyone working at Grant Thornton. I find that Grant Thornton fosters a very supportive environment, with a willingness to teach you and answer your questions, and allows you to develop pursuits outside of work. This environment has made it easier for me to learn the necessary skills to progress in my career. Plus, the ability to buy all the shoes I can possibly ever want is a great bonus too.”



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“Grant Thornton employs people from all over the world which creates fantastic diversity and culture. I have the opportunity to learn from people from various backgrounds with a different perspective, approach and way of thinking which helps me understand things more deeply. Working for a large, internationally recognised firm also means I get to interact with and gain knowledge from people in our incredible global network. Grant Thornton also embodies what I consider to be key strengths to live a purpose-driven life; be innovative, adaptive to change, creative, with an ongoing commitment to making a positive impact in the world.”



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“When I met representatives from Grant Thornton at a career fair, they made me feel confident that at Grant Thornton, I would be a valued team member, and not just a cog in the machine. At Grant Thornton, everyone’s unique set of skills and talents are recognised and developed. I’ve been given the opportunity to directly liaise with clients and utilise my technical skills to impact business decisions, something I did not think would happen in my first year of working as a grad.”


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