Does your tax bill get the same attention as your cost of sales or salaries and wages? Tax rates might be fixed but the rules and the risks aren't.

Like most businesses, you want to maximise opportunities and minimise the amount you pay and the risks associated with getting it wrong. 

Ever-changing tax legislation makes it difficult for growing businesses to keep up with the opportunities and pitfalls in local and overseas taxes. Making assumptions and not knowing your rights and obligations can cost you money. We can provide the expert, holistic tax advice you need, whether you are an individual or a corporation, working in New Zealand or overseas, a well-established business or a growing operation.

Our Tax

Corporate tax

Grant Thornton can identify tax issues, risks and opportunities in your organisation and implement strategies to improve your bottom line.

Employment tax

Grant Thornton’s advisers can help you with PAYE (payroll tax), Kiwisaver, fringe benefits tax (FBT), student loans, global mobility services, international tax

Global mobility services

Our team can help expatriates and their employers deal with tax and employment matters both in New Zealand and overseas. With the correct planning advice, employee allowances and benefits may be structured to avoid double taxation and achieve tax savings.


GST has the potential to become a minefield and can be expensive when it goes wrong. Our technical knowledge can help you minimise the negative impact of GST

International tax

International tax rules are undergoing their biggest change in a generation. Tax authorities around the world are increasingly vigilant, especially when it comes to global operations.

Research and Development

R&D tax incentives are often underused and misunderstood – is your business maximising opportunities for making claims?

Tax compliance

Our advisers help clients manage the critical issue of compliance across accountancy regulations, corporation law and tax. We also offer business and wealth advisory services, which means we can provide a seamless and tax-effective offering to our clients.

Transfer pricing

Tax authorities are demanding transparency in international arrangements. We businesses comply with regulations and use transfer pricing as a strategic planning tool.


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