At Grant Thornton, our experienced team conduct thorough reviews that get to the heart of your issues.

Is your business viable? Will it remain viable in future? These are fundamental questions a lot of organisations need help to answer. Common issues include:

  • regularly exceeding bank facility limits
  • exhausting immediate sources of funding
  • exceeding suppliers’ credit terms
  • failing to produce key accounting and trading information when required
  • reporting losses and below budget results.

Grant Thornton conducts two main types of reviews which could be relevant to your operations.

Independent business reviews are valuable when conflicts have emerged between a business and its stakeholders. Here, we carefully examine all aspects of the business and apply rigorous analysis and methodologies to produce a comprehensive and credible roadmap. We’ll also suggest strategies that can help rebuild trust and develop a robust platform for growth for your business.

We also conduct strategic reviews which assess the key drivers of performance improvement. In this process, our specialists apply a structured framework to evaluate a business’s financial and operational performance. Our goal is to interrogate this performance and develop solutions that are tailored to the business. We have a strong track record in working closely with management to develop solutions that are cost-effective and which drive change.