Trade links and foreign direct investment between China and New Zealand have grown significantly over the last decade, opening up a world of opportunity for businesses in both countries.

Our China services group helps businesses to set-up, grow and sell with a focus on maximising your return on investment throughout the business lifecycle.  

We work closely with:

  • Chinese investors interested in doing business in New Zealand  
  • Chinese business owners already working in New Zealand
  • Grant Thornton's Global China Desk to support New Zealand businesses wanting to expand their operations in China.

Chinese business owners and investors benefit from our well-networked team who can make connections and introductions with New Zealand organisations interested in mergers, acquisitions and divestments, or businesses looking to raise capital from overseas investors to continue their growth journey.  

Our experts can also help you make informed investment decisions by carrying out robust financial due diligence processes, ensuring every transaction maximises value and minimises risk. We execute transactions from a tax perspective to ensure they are structured to meet complex obligations effectively, and the amount you pay is accurate.

Our clients work with highly experienced team members who not only break down language barriers, but also bridge the gap in cultural differences to facilitate positive and mutually beneficial business relationships.

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