International tax rules are undergoing their biggest change in a generation. Tax authorities around the world are increasingly vigilant, especially when it comes to global operations.

All organisations are facing significant change and more tax scrutiny than ever before. In this environment, decision makers must fully understand their tax opportunities, risks and obligations and ensure they comply with the requirements of all jurisdictions they operate in.

With experts located in member firms in more than 130 countries, we can help you understand tax issues across multiple jurisdictions, and create innovative and effective strategies to address complex challenges.

We ensure that you access relevant overseas tax incentives, while paying the appropriate level of tax and meeting your tax compliance obligations.

In addition, we can help you resolve business-specific challenges, such as:

  • aligning tax and commercial strategies
  • understanding where the value chain can assist with tax planning
  • avoiding double taxation
  • dealing with thin capitalisation rules
  • managing tax authority risk reviews and audits
  • managing transfer pricing risks and opportunities
  • repatriating international profits
  • understanding withholding tax obligations
  • effectively managing your people through global mobility services
  • employment taxes.