Our team can help expatriates and their employers deal with tax and employment matters both in New Zealand and overseas. With the correct planning advice, employee allowances and benefits may be structured to avoid double taxation and achieve tax savings.

Expatriates taking up employment in New Zealand and overseas will be subject to comprehensive tax rules and work permit requirements. We can provide the right advice about tax planning opportunities, management of assignment policies and the provision of tax filing services.

Grant Thornton can also assist you with:

  • pre-arrival procedures and employment visas
  • tax charges including income and tax residency
  • benefits in kind
  • expatriate concessions
  • relief for foreign taxes
  • deductions from compensation
  • personal allowances
  • tax returns and compliance
  • social security taxes
  • tax equalisation
  • investment income, wealth taxes and inheritance and gift taxes
  • international tax
  • global mobility services.

If you are travelling abroad, we can provide advice about expat tax requirements in your destination country, via Grant Thornton’s extensive international network.


A New Zealand tax guide for inbound expatriates