RPA is emerging as the most sophisticated form of automation used to help businesses become more agile and remain competitive in the face of today’s ongoing digital disruption.

Put simply, RPA is deployed in your existing digital environment using software that creates ‘bots’ to carry out the work a person can do. This virtual workforce can run 24/7 with minimal intervention from humans. Basic tasks performed can include invoicing, maintaining data, transactions and queries. These bots can also use cognitive technology which goes beyond standard rule-based automation to mimic how humans interact with digital applications.

Grant Thornton New Zealand offers sophisticated, customisable and scalable robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that can benefit your business by:

  • removing repetitive manual processes so your people can focus on more value-adding projects
  • creating efficiencies and subsequent cost savings, particularly time spent on lengthy processes
  • completing large amounts of work at a much faster pace with far greater accuracy
  • maintaining or even increasing your competitive advantage by delivering products and services to your customers faster, as well as freeing up time to focus on customer centric initiatives and tasks.

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