From asset investigations and recovery, and litigation support to training in today’s fast paced digital economy, our team of experts are at the forefront of helping users and organisations operate in this virtual new world.  

In today’s dynamic digital economy, virtual assets have emerged as a powerful force in the world of finance.  We understand the evolution of distributed ledger technology and the growth of virtual assets in New Zealand and around the globe.  Our experiences in the collapses of high-profile cryptocurrency exchanges give us a unique set of skills and insight across several service offerings.  

Virtual asset investigations

We help the victims of cryptocurrency theft and fraud chase and trace their virtual assets with our specialist investigation services which also  leverage Grant Thornton’s global network.

Expert witness and litigation support

Our expertise goes beyond the traditional services provided in these areas into the world of cryptocurrency where we work with local and international regulators and law enforcement to build evidence for legal proceedings.  

Industry and insolvency support

Industry participants facing operational and financial challenges need specialist advice about the wind down for on-chain virtual asset withdrawals. This offering also includes support for other insolvency practitioners navigating the unknown world of cryptocurrency.

Compliance and regulatory reviews

As the industry matures for virtual asset service providers, compliance is no-longer optional. Our experienced team of specialists can help you navigate any compliance issues from AML, KYT and/or travel rule requirements, while ensuring you have the right tools to make your virtual asset business compliant.  

Sector training and education  

We can equip you and your team with knowledge about the basics of blockchain, tracing and risk management. You’ll also get to grips with the dangers associated with crypto and learn about strategies to address these challenges.