The Not for Profit sector is continuously evolving. New approaches to funding, maximising your technology investment and ensuring that your best people stay with you are all critical factors for success.

Our clients include some of New Zealand’s most loved and admired NFPs, and we are proud to help these organisations address their challenges and succeed. Grant Thornton understands the commitment and scrutiny within this sector and our industry specialists can offer innovative solutions to help you develop new skills and open up sources of funding.

The people in our not for profit teams are passionate about helping you achieve your mission and goals. We work across the whole industry, both nationally and internationally, and you will have access to a specialist team who understands your organisation and the market that you operate in.

We offer NFPs advice in reporting requirements, audit, business risk, technology risk, internal audit, taxation, GST, investments, and governance. Our specialists can show you how to raise finance, conduct due diligence, reduce costs, avoid fraud and use IT to its best advantage.


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