Transfer pricing has always been one of the most fraught areas of tax management. No two commercial situations are the same which can lead to risk of adjustment and double taxation. Global rules are constantly changing and tax authorities are not aligned as they implement changes over different timelines.

Tax authorities are demanding transparency in all aspects of international arrangements. We help our clients comply with regulations and use transfer pricing as a strategic planning tool.

Our team of specialists can help with:

  • developing a transfer pricing strategy to support the organisation’s strategic goals
  • planning tax efficient international business structures and supply chains
  • preparing and maintaining transfer pricing documentation
  • pricing related party transactions
  • Negotiating advanced pricing agreements with Inland Revenue 
  • resolving disputes with tax authorities.

Grant Thornton can also liaise with other firms throughout our international network to solve issues in the countries where your business operates.

Alejandro Ces
Partner, Transfer Pricing/Tax
Alejandro Ces