Is your business compliant with the Holidays Act 2003?

The Holidays Act 2003 is one of the most challenging pieces of legislation your business must comply with.

Even if you are using one of the major payroll systems or outsourcing this function, you could still be in breach of the law resulting in underpayments and subsequent reimbursements to employees.

How we can help

Grant Thornton’s specialist payroll assurance team can conduct a review of your payroll system configuration and processes, and then help you and your team to implement any necessary recalculations. This service quickly identifies if there are systematic areas of non-compliance, or it can give you confidence in your current setup.

Our streamlined process makes resolution of any potential areas of non-compliance as quick and painless as possible.

Our payroll assurance services include:

  • Payroll risk and controls internal audit
  • A high level Holidays Act 2003 calculation compliance review
  • Recalculation of annual leave payments
  • Payroll entitlement and deduction accuracy review
  • Minimum wage compliance review
  • Statutory holiday process review and non-compliance identification
  • DBAPS payment non-compliance identification and recalculation
  • Underpayment remediation support
  • Payroll system selection support
  • Payroll calculation definition and system configuration support

Holidays Act 2003: Is your business compliant?