It’s easy to lose sight of the widespread impact GST can have on your business. Although GST is meant to be simple, it has the potential to become a minefield; and when it goes wrong, it can be expensive.

Grant Thornton’s technical knowledge and practical experience can help you minimise the negative impact of GST. Our team can identify and address your GST exposures and mitigate risks by implementing the tax systems your business needs. We can undertake a tax risk audit to highlight areas of risk and opportunity.

We can also help you manage your initial registration, compliance, transactions, acquisitions and disposals, and restructuring.

Offshore company operating in New Zealand?

New Zealand tax laws can be complicated. We’ll help you comply with them and ensure that GST can be reclaimed so it doesn’t become a cost of doing business in New Zealand.

Doing business overseas?

With over 700 offices in 140 countries, the Grant Thornton International network can also support you offshore.

In a dispute with Inland Revenue?

We can negotiate on your behalf and protect your position when dealing with Inland Revenue and other third parties.