Today's businesses are faced with strategic, financial, operational and technological challenges. Grant Thornton understands that growing companies need guidance to establish robust internal controls, and use information technology to effectively and improve performance.

Whether you’re an existing company, growing internationally or simply starting a new venture, we can help you understand, identify and manage potential risks to protect your business.

Our dedicated risk management team delivers objective, value-added solutions that will strengthen internal controls and governance processes, implement sound organisational strategies, increase technological capabilities and improve your operational efficiency.

Our services include:

  • operational risk reviews
  • anti-money laundering services
  • project risk assessments
  • governance advisory
  • information technology reviews
  • specialist risk reviews and fraud risk assessments
  • business continuity management
  • risk management workshops to educate your teams.

Also contact:

Ken Gibb

Partner, Consulting
M: +64 21 583 303

Murray Chandler

Partner and Public Sector Co-Leader
M: +64 27 489 9352