We actively work with professional services firms and their stakeholders to ask the hard questions, and deliver value added solutions.

Without exception, the level of competition and complexity in all professions is far greater than in the past. Our experience highlights that firms need to pay greater attention to their future direction and strategies, their clients and their people.

Grant Thornton can provide strategic advice on the proposed direction of your firm and assist with its implementation. Flowing from strategy are numerous other business issues that require attention, including remuneration, recruiting and retaining talent, funding, developing and implementing internal processes, and tax.

We can also provide the guidance, knowledge and advice that can only be obtained by being part of a worldwide network to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.

Ask us how we can help your organisation with:

  • firm structuring
  • governance
  • strategy development
  • profit improvement
  • succession planning
  • remuneration and equity models
  • partner entry and exits
  • practice health checks
  • business sales and acquisitions
Stacey Davies
Partner, Business Advisory Services
Stacey Davies

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