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Business disruption assessment

When uncertainty is the new normal, standing still isn’t an option. From cashflow management to supply chain, when major events or market changes cause disruption, it’s critical that organisations continuously strategise against their unique level of vulnerability in order to keep moving forward.

Grant Thornton’s business disruption assessment keeps your business safe and helps it improve by identifying some immediate risks your organisation could be facing. This tool has been designed to be as practical and simple as possible so you can leverage the results to deliver value to your business. 

How your business will benefit: reporting and complimentary consultation 

Once you’ve completed the assessment, you will receive a high-level overview about your organisation’s current position. One of our advisors will be in touch to discuss your results and the steps required to respond to your unique situation via a complimentary 90-minute session 

The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and will cover five key areas of impact that disruption or change is likely to have on your organisation: 

  • Your people 
  • Your customers
  • Technology        
  • Supply chain       
  • Liquidity and cash flow management

Gathering information 

It is likely that we will need information from your finance, human resources, and business operations teams. If you do not have all the information needed to complete the assessment, or it is too hard to obtain, or simply irrelevant to your organisation, you can skip questions and still submit the survey. Please be aware that while any gaps in your responses will be reflected in your complimentary report, we can still discuss these areas with you and your team during your 90-minute follow up session.  

You cannot save this survey, but you can leave it open and come back to it. You can also submit a partial survey and we will work with you offline to complete it. If any follow up is required, a member of the Grant Thornton team will contact you directly. 

Data privacy 

Please note that Grant Thornton understands the value of your data and will not use or disclose your responses except as needed by our professionals in order to provide you with the survey results. Your information will not be used for any other purpose. 


Business disruption assessment

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