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Locked down: Kiwi business owners share their COVID-19 survival stories

We spoke to a couple of our clients in the wake of two lockdowns in six months since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in New Zealand.

These Christchurch based business owners provide insights into the challenges and opportunities their companies have faced this year and share the key learnings they took away from their experiences during the country’s various alert levels as we continue to prepare for the possibility of future lockdown periods.

Kylie Meyer talks to Antony Gough, a Christchurch property developer who has brought flair and vibrancy to the city with his impressive development ‘The Terrace’ which borders the Avon river. They discuss the importance of long-term client relationships, developments that are vital to central Christchurch, and Antony shares some of his ideas about how we could increase economic activity in the current climate.

Matt Hannah talks to Jeremy Chapman from Mach3 Industries about the impact COVID-19 has had on their business. They cover everything from pivoting a business to adapt to disruption, mental health and well-being, use of technology and cashflow management. Mach3 Industries is a Christchurch-based company leading the way in guarding, structural steel and architectural engineering to support workers’ safety from the ground up.


Time poor?

You can view a summary of Matt and Jeremy’s discussion here, and a preview of Kylie and Antony’s video here