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Digital Asset Exchange Limited (trading as Dasset)

I am a user or creditor, how do I get my money back?

Trading on the DASSET exchange has been suspended prior to the liquidation. This means you cannot deposit or withdraw assets including cryptocurrency and New Zealand dollars. We are now undertaking an extensive process to confirm the amounts owed to users and creditors.

What are the liquidators doing now?

Our first priority is to secure all of DASSET’s digital assets. DASSET has outsourced asset custody to an overseas exchange. The liquidators are now working to recover all company assets held by this overseas exchange. 

Until this process is complete, we cannot confirm whether there will be funds available to pay individual users and creditors. 

We will also be undertaking an investigation into the operations and management of DASSET.

What will the liquidator’s investigation cover?

We will thoroughly review the operations, management and affairs of DASSET to establish whether any further matters need to be investigated. The investigation will also confirm the amounts owing and the assets available to return to users and creditors. The liquidator’s powers of investigation are set out in Part 16 of the New Zealand Companies Act 1993.

Will I get repaid what is owing to me when the investigation concludes?

Until the investigation has concluded, we cannot confirm whether users and creditors will be repaid.

How long will the investigation take?

This depends on how soon we can access information from management and third parties.  We intend to provide progress updates on a regular basis. Our first report will be released prior to the close of business on Monday 21, August 2023.

Will trading on DASSET resume?

At this stage there is no intention to reopen trading on the exchange. 
Please do not deposit any further coins on any of the wallet addresses previously used on DASSET.

Will DASSET ask me for further funds?

No, we will not ask you to deposit any further digital assets or confirm user details at this stage. The only direct point of contact will be made via the email address you used when you registered on the DASSET exchange. 

You must ensure that any communications asking you to deposit further funds are not scams.  

I accidentally deposited coins, can I please have them back?

We will not allow any withdrawals until our investigation is complete. Please do not deposit any further assets with DASSET. 

Can I get a screenshot of amounts owed to me?

We cannot confirm any users’ balances or creditor amounts outstanding at this time. We will be asking all creditors to submit claims as part of the liquidation, and we will send you claim forms so you can  file a claim in the liquidation.

Will you return the funds I am owed in digital assets or fiat?

At this stage, we cannot confirm what will be returned or whether digital assets will be returned as digital assets or fiat currency.

How do I contact the liquidator to register a claim?

The liquidators will send claim forms to all known creditors and users of DASSET. If you wish to contact the liquidators, please email