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Update for Dasset Creditors and Users 28 August 2023

The liquidators have now gained control of Dasset’s accounting and operating systems. We have engaged experts to review the underlying data as part of our investigation into the conduct of the company. During this review, we hope to extract the relevant user information including balance and transaction information which we will then provide to users as part of the claims process.  

However, this data extraction/discovery process has been further complicated as the sole Director appears to be the only person with access to user and asset information, based on our interviews with ex-employees, contractors, users, and shareholders.  

Following initial cooperation from the Director, he has not responded to our various requests for information and assistance. 

At this stage if you are a Dasset user, please do not complete the claim form found in the first liquidators’ report. We will contact you once we have progressed the data discovery process with the next steps for users.  

We have requested access to Dasset’s reported digital assets from a third-party overseas exchange. We are also investigating whether any other digital assets are held elsewhere. 

We continue to liaise with the relevant authorities in respect of our investigations. 

Due to the number of potential users, we applied to the high court to allow us to serve notices and reports on our website. These orders also allow us to prevent User information being publicly disclosed. A copy of this order can be found here.  

Once we have been able to recover user data we will set up the call, we referred to in the liquidators’ report.