“The unofficial Investor Liaison Group has failed to understand the situation with Aorangi Securities, despite many meetings with them to answer their questions,” said the Statutory Managers for Aorangi  Securities today.

“The main misunderstanding is over the status of the $60 million of Aorangi assets which Mrs Hubbard is now seeking to claim as her own. If Mrs Hubbard is successful in Court next year it will  deprive Aorangi investors of most of the value of their investments.

“Mr Hubbard first transferred these  assets to Aorangi Securities over a 12-month period in 2009 and 2010 but he failed  to complete the change of ownership from Mr and Mrs Hubbard’s names. It's like  selling your car, but not completing the change of ownership papers properly.  Someone else now owns your car, even though it is still registered in your  name. As a result, it is the view of the statutory managers that Aorangi  Securities has beneficial ownership of the $60 million, even though the assets  are in the names of the Hubbards.

“Subsequently, Mr Hubbard attempted  to transfer those same assets to several Trusts. The statutory managers  purposefully reversed the second transfers because in their view this  transaction was not legally valid. The assets were not the Hubbard’s to  transfer to another legal entity as they were now owned by Aorangi Securities. Mr  Hubbard’s second transaction had no legal validity. This reversal in itself  does not resolve beyond doubt the ownership of the assets worth $60 million.

A court ruling around the ownership of  these assets is essential to protect investors against future claims of  ownership by others.

“The fundamental issue is that the assets  owned by Aorangi Securities are still in the names of Mr and Mrs Hubbard, as  they were when Mr Hubbard made both sets of transfers.  Mr Hubbard publicly stated that the assets  belonged to Aorangi and he had told several investors that they would receive  what they were owed before Mr and Mrs Hubbard and their family did. A number of  investors have provided us with correspondence from Mr Hubbard confirming this  very point.

“Since the Statutory Managers commenced  proceedings to confirm the ownership, Mrs Hubbard has changed her mind and is  now personally contesting Aorangi’s ownership of the $60 million of  assets.  She wants to keep the assets  worth $60 million. It is this action that is causing the significant delay,  including having to find every relevant document on record.

“We accept that the realisation that some 70 boxes in storage that contained documents of extreme importance to the case  has caused further delays, and how disappointing this is for investors. However, this additional information is now essential given Mrs Hubbard is contesting the ownership of Aorangi assets. Our assessment of the documents is that they significantly improve Aorangi’s case and the likelihood of success. We  have also identified additional assets that we now believe belong to Aorangi  Securities.

“For investor returns to be maximised,  including the ownership of the assets worth $60 million, the statutory managers  must win this case. The High Court hearing is now set down for May next year.

“The statutory managers operate with  integrity and have a duty to act in the best interests of all Aorangi investors.  We are committed to returning as much of their capital back to them as we can.  The fees for unwinding Aorangi are updated  and provided in each Statutory Managers report for investors.  For the sake of transparency we requested  that they are reviewed by an independent reviewer appointed by the government  and include legal and associated fees as well as our own fees.

“We too are frustrated that this process  of unwinding Aorangi Securities and returning monies to investors is so drawn  out. We look forward to having Mr Hubbards stated intentions carried out and  closure for investors,” concluded the statutory managers.

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