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Turning the wheels of our financial systems towards a sustainable future

A call to action for Aotearoa New Zealand

What would happen if your business couldn’t access the core materials and products it relies on? Been here before? Well, this time we’re not talking about COVID-19 or supply chain disruption.

As access to non-renewable virgin product reduces, now is the time for businesses to start future proofing their operations while they still can. Forward thinking organisations are already using circular business models to create sustainable products and services, and to find new markets and customers. But this can mean grappling with challenges in financial management - everything from the cost of changing production methods to tax definitions and cash flow.

Produced by Grant Thornton New Zealand and The Sustainable Business Network, this report presents the case for a circular economy in Aotearoa, and explores the barriers New Zealand’s current financial system creates for meaningful progress towards the country’s carbon emissions reduction targets.

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