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The brand dilemma: Hotels' roadmap to 2020

Hotels are facing an identity crisis

In the battle for guests, branding has traditionally been a powerful weapon. Customers, whether travelling for leisure or business, sought familiar names that offered a consistent experience. Innovative loyalty programmes encouraged them to return to the same hotel groups again and again.

However, with the rise of online travel agents (OTAs) and metasearch platforms, price or location has often become the key differentiator. Digital brands such as TripAdvisor are becoming the go-to resource for travellers.

Yet, the news isn't all bad. Some polls suggest that at least one in five hotel guests still wholeheartedly believe in the brand and are fully engaged with it1. This news is a considerable opportunity for hoteliers.

At Grant Thornton we believe that hoteliers can chart a path to thrive in this environment. For many, the most effective weapon is now digital innovation. By refining your brand strategies to take advantage of new tools and platforms, you can carve out powerful new identities for the digital world.