Rest assured? Bridging the internal audit gaps for NZ’s public sector

Murray Chandler
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Our research into current internal audit (IA) environment throughout New Zealand’s public sector explores how leaders from a range of agencies are navigating the skills squeeze, budgetary bottlenecks, and their progress with IA innovation.

We surveyed IA leaders from a range of agencies that are navigating the challenges of organisational disruption driven by changes to budgets and resourcing. This represents significant shifts in the risks faced by agencies, increasing the levels of assurance now required. It also means the assurance that controls continue to work is now more important than ever. Yet, expectations remain the same: Be transparent. Be responsible. Be efficient. But cut your resources.

However, there is also a real opportunity for agencies to recalibrate their internal audit functions. This is particularly mission-critical for IA leaders who fulfil roles beyond their internal audit programmes, and who will likely see their workloads grow as budgets are pressured and team members decline.

Download the report to find out how IA practitioners can maintain the balancing act of making mandated cuts all while ensuring they are cutting fat, not muscle.