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Delivering public value: Government procurement rule changes

The Government’s 4th edition of its procurement rules sets out the standards of best practice and expectations for how procurement will be leveraged to achieve broader outcomes.

The procurement principles remain the same, but there are a few extra rules, a new Supplier Code of Conduct, some outdated rules have been removed and ‘public value’ has been signposted as the new overarching objective.

Summary guide

Download our easy to use summary opposite which covers:

  • key themes from the new rules
  • the key objective of public value and what this means
  • the five principles of Government procurement
  • Government Procurement Charter
  • the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Get the full guide

Our full guide covers all of the above as well as easy to use summaries and insights about:

  • the designated contracts used to target priority outcomes; this is the starting point for agencies applying the rules
  • the Supplier Code of Conduct and what it means for agencies
  • new rules on procurement capability, reporting and planning, and how to apply them
  • how to apply the rules targeting broader outcomes
  • the rule changes targeting construction procurement
  • removal of outdated rules and what this means for agencies.

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