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Budget 2016: cyber security move needs follow up

23 May 2016

At the recent Cyber Security Summit in Auckland, new measures including a national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and a credentials scheme for business were announced. Like most new endeavours, the implementation will present a number of challenges and even more opportunities to build on these positive steps.

Budget 2016: can money buy innovation?

23 May 2016

Innovation is crucial to the success of any organisation, or economy for that matter. So how can you grow innovation?

Budget 2016: increase housing supply, not taxes

13 May 2016

There is a children’s riddle that asks “what goes up but never comes down?” The answer is “your age”. These days Auckland property prices could also be an acceptable answer.

NEST egg tax: Budget 2016 - change taxing of super schemes

13 May 2016

The introduction and success of KiwiSaver has undoubtedly helped New Zealanders save more effectively, but it won’t be enough to ensure that participants in the scheme will be comfortable when they retire.

Budget 2016: inequality is about more than income

10 May 2016

There is a growing income gap in New Zealand and as some Kiwis get further ahead, some fall further behind with, it is argued, not enough money to meet their needs, enjoy their lives or to participate in society.

Budget 2016: free education comes at a cost

05 May 2016

Visit www.education.govt.nz. The website proudly states that between the ages of 5 and 19, your child’s education is free. But is it really?

Budget 2016: no sweet taxes this year

03 May 2016

Who would have thought that celebrity chefs could influence Governments to introduce new taxes? Jamie Oliver has publically lobbied the UK Government to do this, and was quick to claim credit when it introduced a two tier levy on soft drinks from 2018. Unsurprisingly, Mr Oliver quickly identified further potential television markets, including New Zealand, and has extended his call further afield.

Budget 2016: will PPP opportunities go begging?

22 Apr 2016

While public-private partnerships (PPPs) have been welcomed overseas, New Zealand is late to the party; the public is missing out on the infrastructure that could be provided, and the economy isn’t benefiting from the stimulation PPPs create.

Budget 2016: time to iron out the wrinkles in aged care

20 Apr 2016

We have an increasing proportion of people in older age groups and a declining number of children. This is a hot topic globally as several other countries are experiencing this phenomenon, but what will it mean for New Zealand?

Budget 2016: time to get tough on student loans

18 Apr 2016

Here we are, over two decades down the track and more than 14b in the red. The burden the scheme is placing on our fiscal interests is exacerbated by the lack of accountability placed on borrowers and the glaring absence of some tough incentives to pay up.