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Women in senior management roles - gloom gathers below glass ceiling

08 Mar 2013

Having once been a world leader in the number of women in senior management roles in business, New Zealand is now dropping back to the pack and the outlook continues to get gloomier, according to the latest research from Grant Thornton.

NZ businesses happy with tax at home

04 Mar 2013

While the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development urges member countries to crack down on companies that move profits to countries with a lower tax rate, New Zealand as a target would be at the bottom of their list, according to a survey by Grant Thornton.

HMF investors receiving 100% capital back

15 Feb 2013

Investors in Hubbard Management Fund (HMF) can expect to receive all their original capital back from the capital return pool, the statutory managers announced today in their 13th Report to investors.

A struggle to find skilled workers; apprentices needed

06 Feb 2013

While New Zealand’s unemployment rate hit 7.3% in the last quarter of 2012, over half of the country’s businesses are struggling to recruit skilled workers, according to the latest research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR).

The Court will decide if Aorangi investors get the cash

04 Feb 2013

The ownership of the “introduced assets” is the most important outstanding issue to be resolved in order to return a significant percentage of capital to Aorangi investors.

Most HMF investors about to get payout

31 Jan 2013

Investors will start receiving payments from Hubbard Management Funds during February because no appeals have been made against the High Court’s formula for distributing the funds, the statutory managers have announced today.

Business reporting and audit changes

16 Jan 2013

In New Zealand this year more than approximately 700,000 sets of accounts for companies, partnerships, trusts and not-for-profit organisations were prepared. But in 2013 and beyond the look and shape of more than 450,000 of them is likely to be very different due to proposed changes outlined in the Financial Reporting Bill 2012 that has just had its first reading in the House.

New Zealand needs smarter taxes, not a tax grab

14 Jan 2013

We're paying GST on the ice creams we eat; we're forking out a transport levy whenever we fill up at the petrol station, and the Government is clipping the income we're earning. There's a good reason for that – our taxes go towards paying for services we all need, such as healthcare, education and public transport.

South Island businesses grow in confidence - Grant Thornton survey

07 Jan 2013

Simon Carey, a Christchurch based partner of Grant Thornton New Zealand Ltd, said that over the next year, 73.20% of South Island businesses expect an increase in revenue or turnover compared with 65.4% in the North Island. Overall 65% of southern businesses are very or slightly optimistic compared with 57.2% in the North Island.

2013 bodes well for New Zealand businesses

02 Jan 2013

Business owners should be relishing the thought of returning to work in the New Year given that New Zealand business confidence is indicated to be well up on last year, according to the Grant Thornton IBR survey.