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Grant Thornton New Zealand signs partnership deal with CPA Australia

06 May 2013

Global accounting body CPA Australia continues on its growth track in New Zealand with the announcement that Grant Thornton New Zealand has become the newest ‘employer of choice’ partner in CPA Australia’s Recognised Employer Program.

Budget 2013: Budgeting for the Christchurch Rebuild

06 May 2013

It’s official – Christchurch is no longer in recovery and is now in rebuild. Driving around town, it’s not hard to miss the hive of activity that is taking place. Construction sites are starting to outnumber demolition sites. The focus is firmly on the future and the economic benefits that the rebuild promises to bring.

Mighty River Power – uptake down, prices down, real estate love affair unbroken

03 May 2013

With applications for Mighty River Power (MRP) closing at 5pm today, a straw poll around the office indicates that the uptake on MRP shares will be lower than the Government first planned.

Budget 2013: The myth of the housing bubble

03 May 2013

We are hearing repeated cries that the New Zealand housing market is in a bubble that’s about to burst, that houses are grossly unaffordable in Auckland and Christchurch, that land values are escalating out of control and costs of construction are unbelievably high.

BRIC concerns reflected in New Zealand

02 May 2013

New research from Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR) reveals that businesses in the fast-growing BRIC economies increasingly view under-investment in national infrastructure as a major constraint on their ability to grow. Further, the data reveals that for the first time, the top five most optimistic economies include no BRIC nations.

Amicable settlement for Aorangi Investors

02 May 2013

The Statutory Managers of Aorangi Securities Limited and Jean Hubbard, widow of the late Allan Hubbard, are pleased to announce that an amicable settlement has been reached in the “introduced assets” proceedings.

Budget 2013: The student loan millstone around the neck of the nation

29 Apr 2013

The 2012 Budget saw a range of changes to the student loan scheme to manage the ballooning cost. These changes included limiting access to loans (based on age, the length of a course and the undertaking of part-time study) and increasing the repayment threshold, which took its first bite out of pay packets this month. Despite these changes, student debt remains a millstone around the neck of both the country and students alike.

Professor Mervyn King to visit New Zealand

26 Apr 2013

Grant Thornton New Zealand is thrilled to announce Professor Mervyn King QC, Chairman of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), will be visiting New Zealand in early June 2013.

Budget 2013: Deafening silence once again likely to greet SMEs

26 Apr 2013

Normally the only things being thrown SME's owners way are hoops, in the form of more tax and extra compliance costs, as respective governments try and squeeze every dollar out of the “SME golden goose”.

Budget 2013: Will the revamp of the apprenticeship system work?

24 Apr 2013

In this year’s state of the nation speech, John Key announced a major revamp of the apprenticeship system, with financial incentives for those who participate. The intent of this revamp is to build a more productive and competitive economy. The question is; will it work?