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Further $4.8 million payout to Aorangi investors

02 Aug 2013

The fourteenth Statutory Managers’ Report states that more than 400 investors are set to receive a payment of $4.8 million on the 2nd of August as statutory managers of Aorangi Securities continue to make distributions from realised assets.

Further payment returned to HMF investors

02 Aug 2013

Investors of the Hubbard Management Fund (HMF) have received a further payment of 5 cents in the dollar from the Capital Return Pool, statutory managers announced today in their Fourteenth Statutory Managers’ Report.

Full pay-out for LDC Finance secured investors

30 Jul 2013

The 468 secured investors of LDC Finance are to receive repayment in full of their capital investment plus a partial interest distribution, in total $4.9 million. This follows a negotiated settlement with the Finance & Investments Partnership and further realisation of assets by the Grant Thornton receivers Messrs Simpson and Ruscoe.

New Zealand well ahead of Australia in business confidence

11 Jul 2013

New Zealanders looking across the Tasman at the “lucky country” and thinking their futures lie there might have second thoughts following the recent Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR).

Understanding is key to doing business in China

05 Jul 2013

Now is the time for New Zealand businesses to be setting up operations in China, but cultural differences need to be addressed, says visiting global business risk leader.

New Zealand business struggles to identify drivers of growth

04 Jul 2013

New Zealand businesses seem as confused as a losing All Black coach when it comes to identifying factors that would dramatically drive their business forward, according to the recent Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR).

Integrated reporting, the way of the future

20 Jun 2013

Professor King recently spoke to business leaders around New Zealand about a draft global framework for integrated reporting, which he says will improve investor relationships by changing the information businesses report.

New Zealand businesses buck trend on wanting more tax guidance

23 May 2013

New Zealand businesses don’t want as much tax guidance as their overseas counterparts, according to the latest research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report.

Budget 2013: The ethics of multinational taxation

17 May 2013

There has been considerable global press in recent months about the ethics of multinational companies using tax structures to minimise the tax they pay globally. The low tax take from the multinationals that do business here has brought New Zealand into the middle of this international debate.

Budget 2013: Raising the innovation bar?

17 May 2013

Since the last election, the Government has promised to raise the level of innovation in New Zealand. The move to include innovation as a key platform of the Business Growth Agenda was a step in the right direction, but is enough being done to ensure this promise will be fulfilled?