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NZ business slow to adopt cleantech philosophies

28 May 2012

New Zealand’s size and lack of scale compared with other countries means that our businesses are not as green in their actions compared with other countries.

Budget 2012: No haircuts – just wielding a finer tax toothcomb

25 May 2012

Any thoughts of further fundamental changes to the tax system have well and truly been put to bed by a budget devoid of any real tax substance. The headline tax change being the rise in excise duty on tobacco confirms the fact that, for now, everything major has been done.

Budget 2012: Zero to hero in four years

25 May 2012

The Budget spells out a programme of new and continuing spending including $1 billion for “modernising and transforming schools,” $12 billion on state highways over 12 years, $76m for a new technology institute, $4.6 billion Transpower upgrade of the national grid, $1.35 billion rollout of the ultrafast broadband, $300 million for rural broadband, a $385 million increase in science and innovation and $287 million to reduce welfare dependency over 4 years.

Budget 2012: Ageing and growing populations drive health spending

24 May 2012

At a glance, vote health is one of the main benefactors in the budget. “Despite tight financial times, the Government is spending $14.12 billion in 2012/13 on health – the biggest investment ever,” Health Minister Tony Ryall says.

Budget 2012: Earthquakes, icebergs and tsunamis - lessons for public finances in New Zealand

24 May 2012

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Out of the Canterbury earthquakes emerged new ways of delivering public services. Borne out of necessity. Often difficulty or crisis is the only way that innovative change and real leadership occurs.

Budget 2012: Tax changes at a glance

24 May 2012

More funding for Inland Revenue: Today’s budget provides a tick of confidence for the Inland Revenue with an extra $78.4m of funding over the next 4 years to be used to extend its successful tax compliance activities in dealing with the hidden economy, debt collection and taxpayers who have not filed their returns.

Budget 2012: Where are the PPPs?

24 May 2012

An austerity budget is no surprise, but don’t we need a slightly more balanced approach with some stimulus from the government to give the economy a kick start?

Budget 2012: An opportunity missed

24 May 2012

With focus on a zero budget, there was little room for movement on fundamental policy changes. Changes to tax policy were no different. The headline change was an increase in tax excise on tobacco products. Other changes included...

Behaviour lags behind sentiment in NZ for alternative fuels

22 May 2012

While New Zealand as a country becomes greener in its thinking, as evidenced in the last general election, it still lags well behind the world in the actual adoption of policies such as alternative fuels for vehicles.

Budget 2012: A super collector

22 May 2012

If there is one Government Department which has been widely accepted as performing relatively well, it is the Inland Revenue Department.