Budget 2014: Marketing the taxation of capital

13 May 2014

Capital gains tax (CGT) has become a major policy difference between the two main political parties in the lead up to this year’s election, but it’s unlikely to get any air time in the government's 2014 budget this month.

Budget 2014: Patience for Christchurch provisions

09 May 2014

If there is one thing that Cantabrians have learned, it’s the need for patience. Many red-zoners and others are still waiting for a satisfactory conclusion to settlement of their property claims.

NZ business comfortable with outsourcing compared with overseas

08 May 2014

While many overseas companies are hesitant to outsource work, the majority of New Zealand businesses are happy to embrace the concept, according to new research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR).

Budget 2014: Sticking plaster approach won’t cure issues in health sector

29 Apr 2014

In the lead up to this year’s budget, the looming question remains, just how affordable will our public health system be in the future? Will a sticking plaster approach quell the unease or is a bigger change required?

South Island bosses more generous

28 Apr 2014

South Island bosses are both more optimistic and more generous than their North Island counterparts, according to the latest Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR).

Gap between NZ and Australia business confidence continues to widen – 88% to 36%

24 Apr 2014

The gap in business confidence between New Zealand and Australia continues to widen dramatically, with a net 88% of New Zealand businesses being optimistic about the country’s economy over the next 12 months, compared with only 36% in ‘the Lucky Country’.

Budget 2014: Solving the housing shortage equation

24 Apr 2014

With a date set for this year’s general election and the parties entering campaign mode, this year’s Budget will be watched closely, and housing issues will be closely monitored.

Budget 2014: Will there be an aged care facility available when you need it?

24 Apr 2014

In this year’s Budget, the Government needs to give serious consideration to bridging the gap between investment and return for those looking to build new aged care facilities.

Scope for greater use of business coaches in New Zealand

21 Apr 2014

The latest Grant Thornton International Business Report survey of 45 countries has ranked New Zealand in sixth position, with 56% of those surveyed reporting they have used a business coach. A further breakdown revealed that 34% were currently using a coach and 22% had in the past.

Budget 2014: Ultrafast Broadband – but we need more to realise its potential

19 Apr 2014

Ultrafast Broadband is like a new Ferrari. You know it has incredible acceleration and can achieve impressive high speeds. But do you have the ability or the highway on which to realise the car’s ultimate potential?