NFPs must incorporate social media strategy at board level to succeed

09 Jul 2014

While many Not for Profit organisations (NFPs) consider social media to be an important channel to deliver their communications and fundraising goals, few incorporate social media as a core strategy to capitalise on interactive opportunity to engage with new communities.

What gets measured gets managed: How financial reporting can help run your business

07 Jul 2014

Reporting regularly and controlling costs is essential to successfully running a business, especially if the business runs on tight margins. Costs and profit drivers need to be understood; controlling costs has an immediate positive effect on a business’s bottom line and it’s often easier to save a dollar than to generate additional sales.

Election jitters start to impact NZ business confidence; Australia closes gap

25 Jun 2014

New Zealand business confidence for the next 12 months has dropped 18%, from 88% in first quarter of this year to 70%, while Australia’s has rebounded from 36% to 50%, according to the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) which surveyed businesses in 34 economies.

Asian leaders value creativity and intuition more than New Zealand leaders

23 Jun 2014

The survey asked 3,400 business leaders working in 45 economies about how important they believe certain attributes are to good leadership. While the top traits – integrity, communication, and a positive attitude are almost universally agreed upon – not everyone is aligned on the importance of creativity and intuition.

Brazilian World Cup – déjà vu New Zealand 2011

12 Jun 2014

New research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) has found that Brazilian business enthusiasm for hosting the tournament has plummeted over the past two years.

Grant Thornton and Libertine Pictures to offer New Zealand Screen Production Grant advisory service

19 May 2014

The service will be provided by Grant Thornton and Libertine Pictures in association with screen sector consultancy Tim Thorpe Consulting and Emery Legal, and will offer assistance to production companies seeking the new 20 and 25% screen production grant for international film and television productions and the 40% grant for New Zealand film and television productions and official co-productions.

Budget 2014: A tale of two cities

16 May 2014

With economic indicators showing the two ‘super powers’ of Auckland and Christchurch leading the way, there is a danger that other parts of the country will miss out on the economic growth that is predicted over the next few years.

Budget 2014: Harvesting the rewards

16 May 2014

Policy initiatives made by the government in prior budgets positioned it to make no taxation changes of any substance this year, leaving the 2014 Budget relatively unscathed from a taxation perspective.

Budget 2014: The judicious use of the scalpel

15 May 2014

It has been a big week for governments on each side of the Tasman, with both releasing their federal budgets for the next 12 months.

Budget 2014: Lurking in the shadows - the need to closely monitor business compliance costs

13 May 2014

While the days of unanticipated losses and windfalls emerging from a budget speech have largely disappeared, lurking in the shadows behind every policy announcement in this year’s budget will be new, revised or continuing compliance costs.