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Grant Thornton launches new innovation service to help fuel NZ business growth

23 Sep 2015

Grant Thornton New Zealand has launched Ignite, an innovation service designed specifically to help mid-sized New Zealand organisations to grow

RWC absenteeism: time for employers to put a game plan in place

17 Sep 2015

The early morning airing of games in New Zealand isn’t great from an employer’s perspective, however, irrespective of game times, business owners and employers will benefit from reminding staff about their commitments and what is expected of them during the tournament.

NZ boardrooms fail to keep pace with digital economy

28 Jul 2015

Grant Thornton’s new report, Corporate governance: the tone from the top finds that the composition of boardrooms around the world, including New Zealand, needs upgrading to reflect today’s digital economy and diverse business community

NZ economy: why view a half full glass as half empty?

15 Jul 2015

Paul Kane, partner Privately Held Business, Grant Thornton New Zealand Ltd, looks at the state of the New Zealand economy through the eyes of his firm’s clients and the macro economic factors presently in play.

Not all doom and gloom on the job front as businesses embrace automation

30 Jun 2015

Grant Thornton International’s latest Business Report reveals the scale of technology’s influence on business with the majority of firms surveyed now planning to automate operations and practices. With capital costs low as labour costs rise, the findings pose fundamental questions about the extent to which machines will eventually replace humans.

Grant Thornton named one of the 50 'World’s Most Attractive Global Employers'

24 Jun 2015

LONDON -- A survey of more than 240,000 business and engineering students from 12 of the world’s largest economies named Grant Thornton one of the 50 'World’s most attractive global employers'.

Cost not a key priority in outsourcing professional services

15 Jun 2015

Human resources, payroll and accounting are the most common services that are outsourced and many companies engage external specialists to execute these cost effectively.

Budget 2015: under the tax microscope

21 May 2015

The snowball of momentum that has been building around increased information disclosure and tax audits continued in the 2015 Budget delivered by the government. The recent headline focus has been on tax changes relating to property speculation and withholding tax on certain non-resident related party interest transactions.

Budget 2015: child poverty – how can it be in a land of milk and honey?

19 May 2015

Recent announcements by the Green Party and Prime Minister John Key around child poverty in New Zealand are still just tinkering around the edges and not targeting the core of the problem.

Budget 2015: The ageing productivity conundrum

19 May 2015

The 2015 Budget projects a modest average GDP growth of 2.8% over the next four years. Although a core component of GDP growth is maintenance and improvement of productive capability, the Budget only included a modest range of measures to indirectly influence productivity gains, primarily in skills improvement and increasing workforce participation for beneficiaries.