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Number of NZ senior business roles held by women growing at a glacial pace

07 Mar 2017

On International Women’s Day, a new report based on Grant Thornton’s annual survey of 5,500 businesses in 36 economies reveals the global proportion of senior business roles held by women has hit a high of 25%.

Number and diversity of cyber-attacks on the rise

23 Feb 2017

New figures from Grant Thornton reveal that extortion and blackmail are more common forms of cyber-attack on businesses than theft of data or intellectual property. This comes as the volume of attacks globally has risen sharply over the last 12 months.

Partner appointment

07 Feb 2017

Grant Thornton has announced the appointment of Don MacKenzie as a Partner in its Christchurch office.

Global business survey finds split in optimism across Asia-Pacific heading into 2017

01 Feb 2017

Business leaders across the Asia Pacific region report a split in optimism heading into 2017.

Jay Shaw appointed to IVSC Business Valuation Board

17 Nov 2016

Grant Thornton New Zealand is delighted to announce Jay Shaw’s appointment to the Business Valuation Board of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), the pre-eminent global valuation standards setter for the business valuation profession.

Global survey finds little impact on business from OECD BEPS tax plan

16 Nov 2016

A global survey finds little impact from the OECD Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) programme, as 78% of businesses say they have not changed their approach to taxation, even though more than 80 countries have agreed to adopt at least the minimum elements of the BEPS Action Plan.

NZ export expectations highest recorded in six years

04 Nov 2016

Despite a major dip in export prospects throughout Asia Pacific’s developed economies earlier this year, the latest Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) reveals that export expectations have now shot up throughout the region from 15% in Q2 2016 to 21% in Q3 2016 – the highest quarterly figure ever recorded.

Global survey finds split in export outlook across Asia Pacific

09 Aug 2016

A global survey by Grant Thornton of 2,500 businesses in 36 economies reveals a marked split in the export expectations of businesses across the Asia Pacific region. A handful of Asia Pacific economies, including New Zealand, actually report radically reduced expectations as concerns over currency volatility and world trade take hold.

NFPs’ funding concerns increase: report

26 Jul 2016

The Not for Profit sector in New Zealand and Australia is now more concerned than ever about funding their operations, according to the latest Grant Thornton Not for Profit sector report.

Over a third of NFPs don’t have a risk management plan in place: report

22 Jul 2016

The latest Grant Thornton Australia and New Zealand Not for Profit sector report has revealed that over a third of organisations surveyed do not have a risk management plan in place.