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Budget 2015: Great Expectations

11 Mar 2015

In the wake of a more than convincing election victory, the Government now needs to set its sights on carefully managing electorate expectations in Budget 2015. So what are some of the great expectations the Government has to manage in 2015?

Dramatic fall in women around NZ board tables

06 Mar 2015

Figures released from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) to mark International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March 2015, show that New Zealand women are going backwards rapidly on several fronts when it comes to senior management and boardroom appointments.

Importance of India highlighted by trade talks and soaring business confidence

25 Feb 2015

On the back of a further round of trade talks between New Zealand and India that were concluded last week, soaring Indian business confidence levels continue to underpin the importance of the world’s second biggest country to New Zealand.

Investment in R&D continues to slip

17 Nov 2014

New Zealand’s dwindling investment in research and development (R&D) has seen it slip down a world table of 34 countries to sit almost at the bottom, according to the recently released Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) survey.

Trading partners’ confidence good news for NZ

14 Nov 2014

Growing optimism in our main trading partners is good news for New Zealand, according to Paul Kane, Partner, Privately Held Business, at Grant Thornton New Zealand.

NZ business culture to blame for flatline productivity

19 Oct 2014

Despite people working longer hours, New Zealand is facing a serious productivity problem, which Paul Kane, Partner, Privately Held Business at Grant Thornton New Zealand attributes to a laid back business culture in this country.

Free trade agreement a priority as NZ joins UN Security Council

17 Oct 2014

New Zealand’s successful bid for a seat on the UN Security Council will be welcomed by the business sector, which has identified more free trade agreements (FTAs) as a priority for the Government in a survey conducted by Grant Thornton New Zealand.

Grant Thornton named Employer of the Year by International Accounting Bulletin

10 Oct 2014

Grant Thornton has been named global 'Employer of the Year' by the International Accounting Bulletin.

New Zealand’s tax system second most competitive in the world

08 Oct 2014

Findings that New Zealand’s tax system is the second most competitive of all 34 OECD countries reflect changes that should be promoted more internationally, says Greg Thompson, Partner and National Director, Tax at Grant Thornton New Zealand.

Take off the blinkers: Grant Thornton’s latest global business report

07 Oct 2014

The latest Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) survey reveals that New Zealand businesses are among the least concerned in the world about future access to raw materials. This begs the question as to whether there is a need for businesses to “take off the blinkers” and commit more time to assessing environmental sustainability.