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Budget 2015: rock star economy approaching twilight zone – time for action

13 May 2015

We all know the fate of aging rock stars – sometimes they rapidly descend into the twilight zone of drug dependency and depression. But what about the immediate future of our own rock star economy?

Budget 2015: are we finally moving tax into the 21st century?

13 May 2015

A lot has been said about the cost of the business transformation project being run by Inland Revenue, and we should see an acknowledgement of the expected $1.5billion cost coming through in this year’s Budget.

Budget 2015: time for honesty in health

08 May 2015

The time has come for some honest discussions about healthcare funding. Unfortunately, fiscal pressures mean that continuing with the old ways of funding healthcare in New Zealand will not be an option.

Budget 2015: it’s time to close the productivity gap

07 May 2015

Why, in the last 40 years, has New Zealand’s GDP per capita slipped from being 20% above the OECD average to now being approximately 30% below? There are many contributing factors, but one of the key reasons is that as a country we are just not productive enough.

Budget 2015: Auckland housing - a little less conversation, a little more action

04 May 2015

Depending on who you are listening to or what formula you are using, the Auckland housing market could be anywhere from 12,000 to 56,000 houses short. Is this a problem? Recently even the debate has shifted on that.

Budget 2015: it’s time to end our love affair with the petrol engine

20 Apr 2015

New Zealand is struggling to reach its Kyoto targets and balance its books, so any moves by the Government in Budget 2015 to support electric vehicles will go a long way to alleviate these problems.

Budget 2015: is Kiwi ingenuity in danger of becoming a distant memory?

30 Mar 2015

The criteria and processes of Callaghan Innovation grants have been recently called into question by opposition MPs. Irrespective of whether Callaghan is contributing to our economy’s productivity or generating a significant ROI for every dollar granted, it’s a positive step in the right direction. The bigger issue is the actual lack of R&D and innovation activity in New Zealand businesses and our lack of presence on the world’s business stage.

Grant Thornton issues global guide to business relocation

27 Mar 2015

Grant Thornton New Zealand today issued 'A global guide to business relocation', a comprehensive 138 page document covering topics of importance for any business looking to unlock growth through greater efficiencies.

Budget 2015: GST rethink needed for digital evolution

26 Mar 2015

All too often, changes to tax legislation happen at a glacial pace in this country. As a nation, we can’t afford to let that happen with the GST changes required to modernise the law and processes to capture GST from overseas online purchases. With Budget 2015 fast approaching, it’s time for the Government to readdress this to ensure the market isn’t distorted based on the tax residence of suppliers.

Budget 2015: a word of warning over the latest regional GDP growth figures

16 Mar 2015

The latest regional GDP growth figures just released by Statistics New Zealand reveal that we all need to strap ourselves in for what could be a sensational ride over the next few years.