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Budget 2014: The customs GST debate – a change is needed

16 Mar 2014

The Government will always consider additional revenue streams and have been seriously contemplating the GST threshold level – although it looks unlikely that there will be any adjustments in the upcoming Budget as the promised review has now been pushed beyond the election.

Energy costs sit low on the radar of NZ businesses

12 Mar 2014

Rising energy costs sit low on the radar of New Zealand businesses, according to the latest Grant Thornton International Business Report survey of 3500 business leaders.

Budget 2014: Budget assistance could help target $3.6 billion energy wastage

08 Mar 2014

New Zealand spends about $18 billion on energy every year and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) estimates that 20% of this is waste.

Glass ceiling gets thicker for NZ business women

07 Mar 2014

The glass ceiling that women must push through to gain board or senior management roles in New Zealand businesses appears to be getting thicker and more difficult to penetrate.

Student Loan Bill passed last night – new warrant powers to prosecute overseas borrowers at the border.

07 Mar 2014

Pam Newlove, Partner, Privately Held Business and Chair at Grant Thornton New Zealand, looks at the ramifications of the Bill passed that empowers the IRD to obtain a warrant to prosecute people at the border with student loans in arrears.

Budget 2014: A need to focus on the bullseye

28 Feb 2014

In the lead up to this year's budget, a number of political darts will need to be thrown by the Government on various fiscal and economic matters, in the hope that they will hit the bullseye – or at least land somewhere close by.

New Zealand business owners look inwards for successors

24 Feb 2014

New Zealand business owners are ranked among the highest in the world in their desire to have existing staff to buy their businesses.

Aorangi Securities investors payments reach 92 cents in dollar

21 Feb 2014

Aorangi Securities investors have now received 92 cents in the dollar and the Statutory Managers remain confident that they will be able to return most, if not all, of the Aorangi investors’ capital.

R&D incentives looming as election issue

13 Jan 2014

With elections looming later this year, the incentives the respective political parties offer businesses around Research and Development (R&D) is likely to become a major issue, according to a recent survey undertaken by Grant Thornton.

NZ business optimism soars to 74% - fifth in the world and against global trends

06 Jan 2014

New Zealand’s business optimism levels continue to soar, bucking a global dampening in confidence and placing us fifth amongst 45 countries surveyed in Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR) released today.