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Budget 2014: Tax changes to address bracket creep

13 Apr 2014

Regardless of one’s political views on the matter, the fact is New Zealand has always had progressive marginal rates for personal income taxes.

More “under new management” signs in New Zealand over the next two years

10 Apr 2014

The latest Grant Thornton International Business Report, which surveys 12,500 business leaders in 45 economies, shows that 27% of New Zealand businesses anticipate a change of ownership by 2016 - more than double the global average of 11%.

Budget 2014: Changes to bring paid parental leave up to scratch

04 Apr 2014

It’s time for the Government to put a stake in the ground when it comes to paid parental leave, and the Budget is the perfect time to do this, especially with the election set for September 20.

Budget 2014: An unpleasant dose of BEPs to solve our taxation woes?

04 Apr 2014

While government officials and members of the OECD debate the nuances of how to remedy the dilemma that is international taxation, New Zealand businesses wait with baited breath as to how these discussions will impact them.

European audit market reforms should filter through to New Zealand

04 Apr 2014

New Zealand subsidiaries and branch operations of EU companies are likely to feel the impact of new laws passed by the European Parliament to address investor concerns over the excessive volume of non-audit services, long tenure of audit relationships and the quality of audit communication.

Budget 2014: Will the asset sale shortfall need topping up?

30 Mar 2014

Just how will the Government claw back the $2 billion of extra revenue it was hoping to pick up from its asset sell-down programme? The upcoming Budget is likely to give a good indication, as the Government remains resolute in its resolve to return to surplus in 2015.

Budget 2014: Export education investment is mission critical for SMEs

29 Mar 2014

Lately the media have been in lather about a certain cup of tea involving a certain politician who visited the Chinese offices of a New Zealand exporting company.

Budget 2014: New education roles - enough to inspire pupils and raise achievement?

19 Mar 2014

In this year’s State of the Nation address, John Key said the education he received opened up the world to him. He then went on to announce four new leadership roles for the education sector: Executive Principals, Change Principals, Expert Teachers and Lead Teachers.

Exporters need transfer pricing clarity

17 Mar 2014

New research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report survey (IBR) reveals that New Zealand business leaders want more guidance relating to cross-border tax planning compared with 12 months ago, in stark contrast with the rest of the world.

Grant Thornton named 'Best managed international firm'

17 Mar 2014

The Managing Partners' Forum, a professional body that celebrates the value of leadership and management excellence, named Grant Thornton 'Best managed international firm.'