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SMEs give vote of confidence to NZ tax system

15 Sep 2014

In the latest Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) survey, New Zealand was only headed by Sweden out of 33 countries concerning the levels of comfort SMEs had with tax policy and tax risk.

NZ businesses behind in reporting on sustainability and good works

05 Sep 2014

With two weeks to go until the election, political parties have been very open in outlining the positives steps they have taken, and intend to take, to sustain and improve what is currently happening in New Zealand. However, the same cannot be said of many New Zealand businesses, according to the latest Grant Thornton International Business Report survey.

Government move on compliance leaving many businesses exposed

12 Aug 2014

Government moves to lower the costs of compliance for small to medium sized businesses come with a two edged sword. They remove the requirement for an estimated 98 per cent of New Zealand businesses to prepare general purpose financial statements, but they have left many businesses rudderless when navigating the financial oceans.

Construction companies need not end in tears

11 Aug 2014

Tim Keenan, Partner and National Director, Privately Held Business at Grant Thornton New Zealand, looks at reasons why companies are getting into financial strife, particularly in the Christchurch construction sector.

Why strategy and measuring social media are co-dependent

08 Aug 2014

Brent Kennerley, Head of Not for Profit at Grant Thornton New Zealand, explains why charities have to link their social media metrics to strategic objectives – and the tools you can trust.

Transformation in Grant Thornton New Zealand’s transformation team

01 Aug 2014

Two and a half years ago, Grant Thornton New Zealand acquired the successful boutique consultancy, Management Toolbox which is now a hugely successful arm of the firm and has been integrated more widely into Grant Thornton’s global business consultancy offering.

Global survey finds businesses sceptical about likely success of intergovernmental action on tax

28 Jul 2014

Only 26% of New Zealand business leaders believe the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan is likely to be successful, according to the latest Grant Thornton International Business Report survey.

New Zealand SMEs want longer term, fewer politicians

24 Jul 2014

A longer parliamentary term and fewer members of Parliament are two key changes that New Zealand business owners would like to see, according to the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR).

NFPs must incorporate social media strategy at board level to succeed

09 Jul 2014

While many Not for Profit organisations (NFPs) consider social media to be an important channel to deliver their communications and fundraising goals, few incorporate social media as a core strategy to capitalise on interactive opportunity to engage with new communities.

What gets measured gets managed: How financial reporting can help run your business

07 Jul 2014

Reporting regularly and controlling costs is essential to successfully running a business, especially if the business runs on tight margins. Costs and profit drivers need to be understood; controlling costs has an immediate positive effect on a business’s bottom line and it’s often easier to save a dollar than to generate additional sales.