• What will this year’s Budget mean for New Zealand businesses?

    What will this year’s Budget mean for New Zealand businesses?

    We will all find out as the story unfolds during the lead up to the Budget announcement and you can count on Grant Thornton New Zealand to be one of the first to bring you useful, up to the minute analysis.

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  • What will be revealed in this year’s Budget announcement?

    Intangible assets in a business combination

    This guide provides practical guidance on the detection of intangible assets in a business combination and also discusses the most common methods used in practice to estimate their fair value.

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  • Wisdom from China's business leaders and entrepreneurs

    Wisdom from China's business leaders and entrepreneurs

    The Thoughts Of Chairmen Now is a new book containing remarkable insight into what Chinese business leaders think and why understanding business in China requires viewing it through the prism of Chinese history and culture.

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  • Grant Thornton food and beverage study 2013

    Grant Thornton food and beverage study 2013

    How will your organisation seize growth? ‘Hunger for growth’ highlights emerging trends and their impact on food and beverage businesses worldwide.

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17 April 2014

Budget 2014: $600m per year – are interest free student loans value for money?

Budget 2014: $600m per year – are interest free student loans value for money?

In 2013 we saw the average cost of providing student loans increase to more than 40 cents per dollar lent. This is forecasted to increase to 42 cents by 2016/17, which equates to an annual cost in excess of $600million.

16 April 2014

Budget 2014: Time for greater PPP investment in education sector

With the successful opening of the first schools built under a public private partnership model (PPP), Hobsonville primary (2013) and secondary (2014) schools, the Government should take heed of this success when considering this year’s Budget.

13 April 2014

Budget 2014: Tax changes to address bracket creep

Regardless of one’s political views on the matter, the fact is New Zealand has always had progressive marginal rates for personal income taxes.  When it was first introduced in 1892, personal income tax was a simple three tier system, ranging from 0% for income under £300 to 5% on income over £1,000 (a shilling per pound).

4 April 2014

European audit market reforms should filter through to New Zealand

New Zealand subsidiaries and branch operations of EU companies are likely to feel the impact of new laws passed by the European Parliament to address investor concerns over the excessive volume of non-audit services, long tenure of audit relationships and the quality of audit communication.

30 March 2014

Budget 2014: Will the asset sale shortfall need topping up?

Just how will the Government claw back the $2 billion of extra revenue it was hoping to pick up from its asset sell-down programme? The upcoming Budget is likely to give a good indication, as the Government remains resolute in its resolve to return to surplus in 2015.

29 March 2014

Budget 2014: Export education investment is mission critical for SMEs

Lately the media have been in lather about a certain cup of tea involving a certain politician who visited the Chinese offices of a New Zealand exporting company. Without commenting on the political rights or wrongs of that situation, the responses from many New Zealanders to this “storm in a teacup” suggest that the understanding of the ins and outs of doing business in China is still a great mystery to many people.

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