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Cloud is no longer a “trend” or a “disruptor”. It’s now the backbone of business and foundation for emerging digital capabilities; and it’s here to stay.

Cloud has been at the heart of business growth, efficiency, and innovation for two decades in New Zealand and around the globe. Cloud serves all industries and can be adapted to the needs of organisations, regardless of complexity, size, and sensitivities.

Modern Cloud is critical to businesses as they traverse the transformation era. The need for a business to grow and improve is a priority. To achieve this, a business must be able to adopt the digital capabilities it needs, which can only be attained with a Modern Cloud Estate foundation.

The benefits of adopting Cloud include:

  • Safe access (from anywhere)
  • Better visibility of finances, risks, and operational activity
  • Improvements in efficiency
  • Better data access, management, and security
  • The ability to leverage ‘data driven’ information to assist with strategic, management and operational decision making.

Our team is led by Cloud business experts who tailor services to the needs of your organisation, from strategy and implementation to ongoing services assurance.

Our scope of capability includes:

  • Evaluation and advice on: Cloud, application, project, full estate, devops, cloudops, business cases, data protection, cloud connectivity
  • Cloud strategy creation and review
  • Cloud sourcing and TCO outcomes
  • Economic evaluation of existing ICT and/or IaaS
  • Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) support
  • Modern Cloud Estate programme (evolve away from legacy ICT and IaaS)
  • Design, architect, migrate and deploy workloads across:
    • Public Clouds, data centres and Cloud Edge
    • Infrastructure as a Service
    • Platform as a Service
    • Cloud integration
    • Enterprise data and storage management
    • NZ Government IaaS
    • Migration of small, medium, and large-scale systems to the Cloud
    • Digital assurance framework design and implementation
    • Continuous Cloud assurance
    • Digital assurance checks
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Robin Cockayne

Partner, Cloud services

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