If you're a Chinese company aiming to invest or establish operations in New Zealand, or you’re a Kiwi business wanting to do business in China, our Asia Services Group (ASG) can help.

Trade links and foreign direct investment between China and New Zealand have grown significantly over the last decade; this is opening up a world of opportunity for businesses in both countries. 

Grant Thornton’s Asia Services Group (ASG) is a dedicated New Zealand-based practice that delivers the firm’s expertise to companies that want to leverage opportunities in new markets. We have the international capability, cultural understanding and commitment to unlock your business potential wherever you want to do business.

Helping you unlock your potential for growth in China and New Zealand

Our research shows that only 1% of New Zealand’s mid-sized businesses have international operations, and China can be a challenging market. Common issues include labour costs and staff turnover, local competition, complex local rules and regulations, cash extraction, government intervention, and cultural and language barriers. And while New Zealand is ranked #1 in terms of the easiest countries in the world in which to do business, new market entrants still need on the ground support and the right advice to flourish. 

Setting your strategy

We can put our knowledge and insights to work for you and help you unlock growth in both China and New Zealand. The ASG will work with you to understand your goals and help you achieve them by: 

  • evaluating new markets and opportunities, and selecting the most appropriate business models
  • supporting new market entry with on-the-ground-assistance; Grant Thornton China has more than 5,000 people in 24 cities across China and Hong Kong– the ASG can facilitate strong, meaningful relationships with the right partners and senior advisers
  • planning and implementing strategic transactions
  • providing valuations and due diligence for organic growth opportunities including acquisitions and joint ventures
  • structuring your operations in China or New Zealand effectively and efficiently.

Financing your growth

We can provide advice about funding options for your international expansion plans by:

  • advising you on the most appropriate capital structures to support your entry strategy
  • developing a long-term funding structure
  • introducing you to potential funders through our relationships with large corporates, state-owned enterprises, and key Chinese or New Zealand government agencies.

Managing risk

Our team has considerable expertise in the business cultures of New Zealand, China and other Asian countries. You need the right expertise to:

  • meet regulatory tax compliance and respond to investigations by regulators
  • implement control environments to manage the commercial and financial risks of operating in both countries
  • deliver insightful, value-added services, including audits to give your stakeholders peace of mind.

Optimising your operations

Streamlining your processes will deliver more with less for your business and help you realise your growth ambitions. We can:

  • plan your overseas tax structures and transfer pricing policies
  • improve working capital management through process improvement and tax planning
  • identify opportunities for direct cost savings
  • optimise the efficiency of your finance function.

Language and culture

The ASG comprises a diverse team with different cultural backgrounds, and they are fluent in a number of Asian languages. Our clients benefit from dynamic team members who not only break down language barriers, but also bridge the gap in cultural differences to facilitate positive and mutually beneficial business relationships.


If you’d like to get in touch with someone from our Asia Services Group, please contact:

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Rosaline Chan
Senior Manager, Financial Advisory Services
D +64 9 922 1268
T +64 9 308 2570
E rosaline.chan@nz.gt.com