• New financial reporting requirements: helping the Not for Profit sector navigate complexity

    Supporting you with your transition

    Grant Thornton has developed a detailed transition methodology that can help you navigate the complex new reporting structure.

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  • Social media in the Not for Profit sector

    Social media in the Not for Profit sector

    This report provides leaders in the Not for Profit sector with guidance on how they can enable their organisations to take advantage of social media’s power to engage new communities and to thrive online.

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  • What will this year’s Budget mean for New Zealand businesses?

    What will this year’s Budget mean for New Zealand businesses?

    We will all find out as the story unfolds during the lead up to the Budget announcement and you can count on Grant Thornton New Zealand to be one of the first to bring you useful, up to the minute analysis.

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  • Wisdom from China's business leaders and entrepreneurs

    Wisdom from China's business leaders and entrepreneurs

    The Thoughts Of Chairmen Now is a new book containing remarkable insight into what Chinese business leaders think and why understanding business in China requires viewing it through the prism of Chinese history and culture.

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Press room

9 July 2014

NFPs must incorporate social media strategy at board level to succeed

NFPs must incorporate social media strategy at board level to succeed

While many Not for Profit organisations (NFPs) consider social media to be an important channel to deliver their communications and fundraising goals, few incorporate social media as a core strategy to capitalise on interactive opportunity to engage with new communities, according to a new report from Grant Thornton, 'Growing communities: How charity leaders govern social media globally to thrive online'.

7 July 2014

What gets measured gets managed: How financial reporting can help run your business

Reporting regularly and controlling costs is essential to successfully running a business, especially if the business runs on tight margins. Costs and profit drivers need to be understood; controlling costs has an immediate positive effect on a business’s bottom line and it’s often easier to save a dollar than to generate additional sales.

12 June 2014

Brazilian World Cup – déjà vu New Zealand 2011

Brazilian doubts about the financial spinoffs from the FIFA World Cup due to kick off on 12 June sound hauntingly familiar to those heard in New Zealand before the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

16 May 2014

Budget 2014: A tale of two cities

With economic indicators showing the two ‘super powers’ of Auckland and Christchurch leading the way, there is a danger that other parts of the country will miss out on the economic growth that is predicted over the next few years.

16 May 2014

Budget 2014: Harvesting the rewards

Policy initiatives made by the government in prior budgets positioned it to make no taxation changes of any substance this year, leaving the 2014 Budget relatively unscathed from a taxation perspective.

15 May 2014

Budget 2014: The judicious use of the scalpel

It has been a big week for governments on each side of the Tasman, with both releasing their federal budgets for the next 12 months. At times, commentators have been known to describe these major events on the political calendar as a lolly scramble. In Australia this week it was more a case of taking candy from a baby with Treasurer Joe Hockey introducing higher taxes, cuts to welfare spending and a major reduction in government employee numbers.

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