• Budget 2015

    What will this year’s Budget mean for New Zealand businesses?

    We will all find out as the story unfolds during the lead up to the Budget announcement and you can count on Grant Thornton New Zealand to be one of the first to bring you useful, up to the minute analysis.

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  • New financial reporting requirements: helping the Not for Profit sector navigate complexity

    Supporting you with your transition

    Grant Thornton has developed a detailed transition methodology that can help you navigate the complex new reporting structure.

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  • The industry standard for compliant financial statements

    The industry standard for compliant financial statements

    Embraced by New Zealand accounting professionals for over 25 years, XYZ Model Financial Statements (previously Brookers Model Financial Statements) continues to be the industry standard for the preparation of compliant financial reports.

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  • Getting to grips with the BEPS Action Plan

    Getting to grips with the BEPS Action Plan

    What does the OECD’s planned overhaul of the international tax system mean for your business and how can you get ready for the shake-up ahead?

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Press room

30 June 2015

Not all doom and gloom on the job front as businesses embrace automation

Not all doom and gloom on the job front as businesses embrace automation

Grant Thornton International’s latest Business Report reveals the scale of technology’s influence on business with the majority of firms surveyed now planning to automate operations and practices.

21 May 2015

Budget 2015: The ageing productivity conundrum

The 2015 Budget projects a modest average GDP growth of 2.8% over the next four years.  Although a core component of GDP growth is maintenance and improvement of productive capability, the Budget only included a modest range of measures to indirectly influence productivity gains, primarily in skills improvement and increasing workforce participation for beneficiaries.

19 May 2015

Budget 2015: under the tax microscope

The snowball of momentum that has been building around increased information disclosure and tax audits continued in the 2015 Budget delivered by the government.

18 May 2015

Budget 2015: a level playing field for capital gains

A heated Auckland property market has prompted the Government to target speculators and foreign buyers in this week’s Budget announcement.  A capital gains tax will be introduced on property sold within two years of purchase with exemptions.

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